Stop WE Energies from Turning Off Your Power

Stop WE Energies from Turning off PowerIf you are overdue on utility bills and are in danger of a shutoff, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy creates a bankruptcy stay which prohibits this shut off this shutoff for gas and electric.

The utility company (WE Energies) will send you a deposit letter approximately 20 days after filing the bankruptcy. You are required to pay this deposit. If you do not pay it, then the utility company will shut you off. If you pay the deposit and pay your gas and electric bill on time and in full for the next twelve months after filing the bankruptcy, then the utility company will refund that deposit with interest. Then when you receive your bankruptcy discharge whatever you were behind on your gas and electric bill when you filed the bankruptcy will be wiped out.

Please note: there may be other, less radical, options than filing for bankruptcy to prevent or postpone a utility shutoff. Be sure to research all options before taking this step.

What to Know Before Filing for Bankruptcy to Prevent Utility Shutoff

Prevent Utlitity Shutoff - Milwaukee Bankruptcy AttorneyBefore filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent a utility shutoff, be sure to research other laws or programs available in your area. In Wisconsin, utility companies are prohibited from undertaking a shutoff from October 15 to April 15 due to cold temperatures. Some states also offer discount programs for vulnerable populations, like older adults or low-income families. Call your utility company or the attorneys of Burr Law Office to learn more.

Should you decide that filing for bankruptcy is your best option for preventing a utility shutoff, you will want to begin the process immediately. If you are crunched for time and cannot fill out all of the bankruptcy paperwork right away, you may file a petition to begin the bankruptcy process and complete the rest of the paperwork within 14 days. This will begin your 20 day utility shutoff prevention period while you prepare the rest of your documentation for bankruptcy.

For questions about utility shutoff or any other topic related to bankruptcy, contact the experienced bankruptcy attorneys of Burr Law Office today.