Eliminate Divorce Debt with Bankruptcy

Divorce Debt & Bankruptcy Attorney | Waukesha, WIWhat is a Bankruptcy Discharge?

When you file for bankruptcy, most of your debts are dischargeable. This means you are released from legal obligations to pay back the debts.

Can I Wipeout Divorce Attorney Fees through Bankruptcy?

The good news is that if you have legal debt, due to a divorce, in the majority of cases, previous attorney fees fall into the category of dischargeable debt.

If you file for bankruptcy after a divorce, your previous attorney fees will likely be discharged. However your family law practitioner may file a complaint to get their fees paid. However, if the divorce attorney fees were not ordered to be paid in a child support decision, they will be considered dischargeable in the current bankruptcy.

Are Court Fees a Dischargeable Debt?

Generally, court fees are not a dischargeable debt. Fees and fines imposed by the court are punishments to those citizens who break the law. Therefore, it would not be fair to charge some citizens but not others simply because they cannot afford the fee.

If the fee or fine is not punitive, it may fall into the category of dischargeable debt. For instance, the award given in a personal injury lawsuit is not designed to punish the defendant, but rather meant to recoup what was lost to the victim.

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