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Bankruptcy Pros and Cons

When you’re in financial distress, it can sometimes seem like there is no way out. There are all different kinds of reasons people find themselves flailing in a sea of debt. Whatever the reason, when creditors are circling sharks, bankruptcy may be the lifeboat you need. Over 12,000 Wisconsinites have filed bankruptcy so far this […]

Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13: Which Bankruptcy Suits You Best?

One of the biggest challenges of managing your finances effectively is getting educated. When you’re running thin on money, time and patience, it’s extremely difficult to take a deep breath and chart out a recovery strategy. Learning which kind of bankruptcy best matches your needs is the smartest way to advance in life. Here’s a […]

Student Loan Bankruptcy: How to Prove Undue Hardship with the Brunner Test

Student loan debt is a hot topic in the political arena. It was also the subject of an important recent decision by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. In most cases, student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy unless the debtor can demonstrate that repaying these debts would impose an […]

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Bankruptcy and Debt Consolidation in Wisconsin

Bankruptcy can have long-term effects on the financial prospects of individuals and families in our area. In many cases, working with a knowledgeable law firm to negotiate debt consolidation in Wisconsin can allow consumers to manage their debts more effectively. Debt is a huge problem in our country. According to credit bureau Experian, consumer debt […]

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How Will Your Divorce (and Your Ex’s Debt) Affect Your Future?

Getting divorced in Wisconsin means accepting a lot of significant changes. Most people understand this and look forward to making lifestyle transitions, such as starting new relationships, pursuing career advancement and escaping abusive situations. Sadly, few are prepared for how their divorces might impact their debts. What will happen to your debts after you split? […]

Gas Meter Utility Shutoff

Utility Shutoffs: Learning From Wisconsin Bankruptcy

It’s easy to take certain things for granted, especially when you’re preoccupied with your fight to stay ahead of debt. If you’re like many people, you might be completely unprepared for the harsher realities of life — like when your lights or heat get turned off. Nobody should find themselves forced to go without life’s […]