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Three Tips for Planning a Financially Stable Future After Bankruptcy

Though some people look at bankruptcy as financial failure, it’s actually an opportunity for a new beginning. Depending on which bankruptcy option you take, you could have your debts immediately eliminated or partially absolved. Once you commit to bankruptcy, however, it’s important to do everything you can to protect yourself against accumulating insurmountable debt again. Stay away […]

Bankruptcy Tips & Advice

While financial hardship is something everyone strives to avoid, it’s becoming an everyday reality for many. Filing for Waukesha bankruptcy may be the best option for resolving unmanageable debt. But what exactly is bankruptcy and how does it work? This video can help you get a basic understanding of what bankruptcy is. You’ll learn about […]

What is An Automatic Stay?

Bankruptcy law can be incredibly difficult to understand for the layperson. If you’re filing for bankruptcy, then you are most likely juggling a lot of concerns and obligations. The specialized vocabulary of bankruptcy law can only add pressure to the situation. Read on for more information about understanding bankruptcy law and contact an experienced attorney […]

What is Chapter 13? An Overview

Every person’s precarious financial situation is different from the next; therefore, the chapter used by each individual varies widely. If you’re considering bankruptcy, it’s important for you to know the types. The question is…what is Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Chapter 13 offers additional benefits for people who are at risk of foreclosure and have a steady income. […]

Tax Help: What is Chapter 7?

Have you found yourself in financial distress? You’re not alone. Perhaps you’ve experienced unexpected medical costs, lost your job, been too generous to friends and relatives, gotten divorced, or simply mismanaged your money. You may wonder…what is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and do I qualify? Those questions are asked by many people in Milwaukee and across […]

Terminology: What is Bankruptcy?

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, it is vital that you understand the process. To help you gain an understanding of the different aspects of bankruptcy, take a look at this list of terms: Automatic Stay An automatic stay is the first thing that happens in any bankruptcy case. As soon as the bankruptcy filer submits his petition […]