Working With Your Attorney

For many people, making the decision to file for bankruptcy is a decision that comes with a lot of thought and consideration and perhaps some professional counsel. Depending on the situation, it can be an emotional process with many nuances and facets that are unique to each individual case. As bankruptcy attorneys, we at Burr Law Office LLC understand this and keep this in mind in everything we do when we are working with our clients in Milwaukee.

Because of the fact everyone’s financial situation is unique, we are going to look at why going through the bankruptcy process is best when we are working together.

First of all, the knowledge of your own situation is invaluable. Even though we’re experts in bankruptcy law, we simply cannot have the same insight into your financial picture that you have. We can’t make decisions for you about what aspects of your financial life are most important to you. We can’t know how you’ve arrived at your current financial situation. All these factors are important to putting together the best plan for you going forward. When we know your history and what’s most important for you, we can work to structure a plan that is tailored to your specific wants and needs.

But even though you know your financial history and what is most important to you, there is another important aspect to filing for bankruptcy, and that is where we come in as your Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyers. As experts in bankruptcy law, we know how to use law to your maximum benefit. We know how to make sure you come out of the entire process in the way that will be most beneficial to you and your financial future. Remember, bankruptcy laws exist to protect you, your family, and your financial future and well-being. We always keep this in mind as we work with you.

So now that we’ve established that both you and your attorney play vital roles in the bankruptcy process, it’s important that we stress the value of communication. In order to make sure we achieve the most beneficial result, we need to be communicating throughout the entire process. We can’t have the combined benefit of your knowledge and ours if we aren’t communicating. It may seem like a trivial point, but it’s of critical importance in putting you in the best situation possible.

As bankruptcy attorneys, too often we hear stories of people who tried to handle their bankruptcy largely by themselves. For a variety of reasons, people may sometimes feel it is best to handle this process by themselves as much as possible. We do understand why some people feel this way; however, without the expert advice and guidance of experienced and qualified bankruptcy lawyers, there is a big risk of missing out on absolutely maximizing your benefit and putting yourself in the best position for your future and the future of your family.

Conversely, we also hear stories of the opposite problem. Some bankruptcy law firms don’t communicate or even care to learn about their clients’ financial history. Without this critical information, they can’t properly structure the case for maximum benefit to their clients. You should be wary of bankruptcy attorneys who don’t ask you questions and actively engage you in communication about your financial situation. Remember, your attorney needs your insight just as much as you need his or her expertise.

At Burr Law Office LLC, we pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our clients as well as our expertise in bankruptcy law. We are always looking to maximize the benefit this process can provide to you. Sometimes this means finding creative solutions that take into account both your insight and our expertise. Without working together, this simply wouldn’t be possible. Though our approach may seem obvious, it’s surprising how many attorneys out there don’t share our philosophy. They lose sight of the ultimate goal of the bankruptcy process—to put the client in the best situation possible and to protect their future. We never see the bankruptcy cases we handle as merely paperwork to file and be done with. We understand that there are people behind the numbers, and there is a real life impact of going through the bankruptcy process.

If you are ready to file for bankruptcy, or if you need more information about the process and advice about making a decision about the best way to proceed regarding your financial future, please contact us today. In everything we do, we’ll always listen to you and your unique needs and work with you to come up with the best solution possible.