Clear Advice and Compassionate Guidance

Financial stress is a burden that leaves people feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and vulnerable. The best way to start regaining confidence and control is finding an advocate who will explain options clearly, answer questions thoroughly, treat clients with empathy and respect, and help people keep the resources they’ll need to re-establish their financial footing.

Attorney Michael Burr stands out as an active, involved advocate who works directly with clients. Wisconsin bankruptcy lawyers often have support staff or lower level associates as clients’ primary contacts, we don’t. Attorney Burr’s own calm, experienced voice is one that clients can count on to help them make sense of a complicated situation and begin their financial rebuilding.

That’s why Attorney Michael Burr is the ideal choice for clients who want to speak to and get answers directly from their attorney…clients who want to be more than just a case number.

Experienced Advocacy

Attorney Burr and his experienced staff will stand with their clients every step of the way, making sure that they understand the process and advocating for them against bill collectors and companies who use aggressive, demeaning tactics.

As someone with nearly two decades of experience, including significant experience helping businesses arbitrate differences, Attorney Burr has extensive knowledge of the best approaches to use in a wide variety of financial situations. He helps educate clients on the processes and negotiations, helping clients go from feeling isolated or overwhelmed to knowledgeable and empowered.

What’s more, clients who use Attorney Michael Burr know that they are not alone against well-funded companies and their belittling, sometimes brutal, tactics. For clients in Wisconsin, Chapter 13 can be a path to a new beginning. We will use every bit of our experience and resources to help you achieve that.


We care more about what help we can give a customer than what a customer can give us – our practice is dedicated to getting you back on your feet. We have set up a flat fee for an affordable Milwaukee bankruptcy solution so that our clients can keep more of their resources for re-establishing their financial lives. Our firm stands as proof that dedicated, expert bankruptcy help doesn’t have to mean even more financial sacrifice. Our reasonable, flexible payment options make the process even easier.

Burr Law Office LLC is a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an “A+” rating. Consumers trust us, other businesses trust us, our former clients trust us, and we hope we have the opportunity to prove ourselves to you as well.