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This policy is created for our online users. It will state what information we may collect from said users via the website, how it is collected, why we collect it, and how we will protect that information.
There are three ways we may collect information from our website users, namely: User-supplied information, web server collected information, and via website cookies. Below are detailed what each type is and why it is employed.

User-Supplied Information

This is given to us directly from our users, generally via our contact form. This should never include sensitive or personal information, such as birth date, any identification numbers—PIN, Social Security, Driver’s License, etc—or other such sensitive material.
Why: We gather this information to find out how we can help you. That is the purpose of our contact form.

Web Server Collected Information

Our website automatically gathers information concerning who visits us, how often, where they visit from, what time people visit, what they click on, and how they found our site.
Why: This information is so we can make our site optimal not only for users, but for us. We want people to find us and so we analyze this information to improve our website.

Website Cookies

These are small bits of data that are stored in your hard drive.
Why: This is purely for your convenience in finding and navigating our site. Your computer generally creates these automatically. However, if you desire, you may turn off cookies on your personal computer.

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