What is Foreclosure Fraud?

Did you know that some banks have foreclosed on homes using forged documents? As this video reveals, some banks attempt to take consumers’ homes illegally in a phenomenon known as foreclosure fraud. Click below to watch the story and learn how to spot clues that may save you from losing your property.

According to one victim, his servicer told him not to pay his mortgage while they worked out a loan modification. They then notified him that they have lost his modification application—six times. Days away from losing his home, this consumer discovered that his bank was using phony documents to push him out of his home.

Foreclosure fraud is a criminal act, and companies must be held accountable for these false documents. An experienced attorney can help you avoid these types of situations and get you the help you need. Attorney Michael Burr takes care of each case from start to finish, ensuring his clients are properly attended to.

If your bank has threatened to illegally take your home, call Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney Michael Burr of Burr Law Office at (877) 891-1638. He will stand up for your legal rights against big lenders.