Dealing with Post-Holiday Expenses

Now that all of the holidays are over and the dust has settled, it’s time to start dealing with the bills and expenses that go along with them. For some, this can be quite the chore. Our Milwaukee bankruptcy experts are here to offer you a bit of advice to help ease the pain and get you through the post-holiday stress.

Avoiding it won’t make it go away

Unfortunately, setting your bills aside and ignoring them won’t make them go away. You should open them as soon as you get them and make a plan of action. What is the minimum amount due? In looking at your budget, if not the entire bill, how much in excess of the minimum payment can you afford to pay this month? After determining the amount, pay it.

Adjust your budget

If you find yourself spending unnecessary money, try tightening up your budget. Things like buying a $3+ cup of coffee every morning or going out to lunch every day during work can add up. Though it takes extra time, making these things at home will help save you a ton of money.

Take inventory of your home

Look around at the things in your home that you aren’t using – furniture, clothes, etc. Do you have things you aren’t using that you could sell for some extra money? Not only will it help you get a jump start on spring cleaning, it will be a weight off your shoulders to have the unused items cleared out.

If you’ve found yourself in a financial situation you are having troubles getting out of, contact the Burr Law Office. We will set up a free consultation to help determine what the logical next steps are.