Credit Card Mistakes that Recent Milwaukee Graduates Make

Recent college graduates often find themselves facing new responsibilities, including managing their own finances. Not only do graduates have to find a job and a place to live, but they also need to start building up their credit histories. For most college graduates, the easiest way to start establishing a credit history is to use a credit card and avoid common mistakes that many new credit card owners make, including:

Milwaukee bankruptcy after collegeMaxing out credit cards

A credit card can help you build up a credit history and make large purchases. However, while you may now have access to thousands of dollars in credit, you should not spend up to your limit. When you begin using your new credit card, make sure you only charge what you can pay off immediately. Otherwise, you can easily become trapped in cycles of owed credit card debt and interest rates for years to come.

Failing to check a credit report

The stage of life following college graduation can be busy, as you may find yourself engrossed in a new career or enjoying an active social life. No matter how busy your life becomes, be sure to check your credit report periodically. As soon as you graduate, you should pull your credit history and start looking for any errors.

Not confirming all new addresses

In college, you likely grew accustomed to moving to a new house or apartment each year. You may have also returned home for the summer or during a certain semester. When you move to a new city or address to begin your professional career, you need to make sure that your mail follows you. Submit a change of address form and notify any important institutions of your new address so that your utility companies, bank, and credit issuers know where to send your billing information.

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