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What Are Your Debt Relief Options?

No matter what, your bills arrive every month, and whether you’ve lost income because of COVID-19, or had a recent health crisis and incurred more debt, your financial obligations remain. If you are beginning to feel crushed by them, it’s time to explore debt relief possibilities. What are your debt relief options? In this post, […]

Medical Debt During a Pandemic

For many Americans, COVID-19 has been a perfect financial storm. Lockdowns have cost income and opportunity, and some who had been climbing out of the hole financially have had to rely on credit to get them through as the federal government has been unable to reach an accord on extending benefits. At the end of […]

Fears of Bankruptcy

Often conscientious people delay getting the help they need, not so much out of pride as out of shame at having to ask for help. But bankruptcy exists for a reason. For every person who abuses the process, there are many who simply need the financial relief that bankruptcy provides. As with depression, or anxiety, […]

Consumer Credit Bankruptcy

What Is Consumer Credit? Although any type of personal loan could be labeled consumer credit, the term is usually used to describe unsecured debt that is taken on to buy everyday goods and services. Credit cards issued by banks or other financial institutions, department store cards, gas cards–are all examples of revolving credit. Installment loans […]

Would Bankruptcy Affect My Partner?

The short and not very helpful answer is maybe. If you file to discharge joint debts, that will likely appear on your spouse’s credit report. Creditors will be notified of your filing, and will likely come after your spouse for payment of debts. Whether and how much one spouse’s filing for bankruptcy will affect the […]

Does Divorce Hurt Your Credit?

Divorce, like marriage, doesn’t directly affect your credit. You and your ex-spouse will still have separate credit reports. That said, divorce is usually a time of considerable stress, and legal and other expenses, loss of income due to interruption of routine, and inability to keep on top of expenses or disagreements about untangling finances can […]