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Overwhelmed with Debt?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had dire economic consequences for many people, and there have been protections put in place to help people survive this difficult time. Those aren’t going to last forever, though, and you may be looking at your financial situation and wondering just how you’re going to manage. If you feel overwhelmed with […]

Most Common Types of Bankruptcy

This past year’s double catastrophe (the pandemic and its subsequent economic impacts) have brought many people to the brink of financial disaster. Whether it is unanticipated medical expenses, loss of income, or a combination of other factors, you may be emerging from the COVID-19 disaster to discover just how dire your money situation is. If […]

What Happens If You Become Bankrupt?

“Bankrupt” can have lots of scary connotations. You might imagine that you will be forced out of your home, have your car repossessed, and lose all your valuables. You might believe that you will never again be able to acquire a credit card or any type of loan after bankruptcy. Those fears arise from a […]

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Settlement

When you’re in debt, it can seem like there’s no way out. Credit card payments, rent or mortgage payments, car payments, student loan payments . . . you may feel like you’re being bled dry. If it’s just impossible to keep juggling all your financial obligations, it’s time to think seriously about your debt management […]

Tax Debt – Filing for Bankruptcy in 2021

With more and more people free-lancing and the gig economy in full swing, it’s becoming more common for people to owe the IRS for back taxes. And unpaid taxes can add up to a huge financial burden, especially on top of all your other expenses. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation, you may […]

Does Bankruptcy Clear All Debt?

The reason you choose to file bankruptcy is to get rid of your debt, so it’s important to know whether or not it actually does. Does bankruptcy clear all debt? The short answer is probably not. That “probably” is there because it does eliminate a lot of debt, and it’s possible that it will take […]