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Exploring the Relationship Between Bankruptcy Reform, Recession, and Bankruptcy Filing Rates

Four years ago, the United States was hit with the largest recession since the Great Depression. Today, many economic analysts are still scratching their heads, desperately trying to uncover all of the contributing factors. In addition to dishonest lending practices and a lack of regulation on Wall Street, some have said that the Bankruptcy Abuse […]

Bankruptcy Consequences: Skipping Payments

Many people avoid filing despite increasing debt because they are afraid of how the process will affect their credit score and ability to rebuild their finances. However, not filing for bankruptcy with a lawyer when you no longer have the ability to pay your debts can have dire bankruptcy consequences. Wage Garnishment One of the first steps your […]

A Married Couple’s Guide to Filing Bankruptcy

Wisconsin is known as a community property state. This means that any assets or debts that a married couple collects during marriage belong to both of them. Even if the wife is a stay at home mother, her husband’s credit card debt burden legally belongs to her. When filing for Milwaukee bankruptcy, couples need to consider […]

When Do I Need to Begin Worrying About Property Repossession?

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, you may have stopped making payments on secured debts like cars or electronics. The consequence of this action is commonly called repossession. Because you have defaulted on the loan, you are no longer entitled to keep your car, home, or other item. Repossession of a home is usually called foreclosure, and […]

Tips for Managing Your Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

If you file for Chapter 13 Milwaukee bankruptcy, you will commit to a payment plan lasting three to five years, under which you will repay any missed payments on secured debts and a portion of your unsecured debts. Though this plan can be challenging, it will free you from your debts and give you a […]

How Hiring an Attorney Can Help Expedite the Process

Filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy can often provide honest debtors with a fresh financial start. While it is possible to file on your own, most people benefit by working with an experienced Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney. File Correctly the First Time One of the first reasons to consider hiring an attorney is to […]