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Managing Money While Attending College in Milwaukee

For most of us, going to college means being on our own for the first time—and while this means you have the ability to make major decisions on your own, it also means more responsibility. In this video, we take a closer look at how college students can stay on top of their finances while […]

What Filing for Bankruptcy Can and Cannot Do

A good way to determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right decision is to consider exactly what the process can do. When you file for  Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you have the ability to discharge many of your unsecured debts while keeping non-exempt property. Chapter 13 also allows you to reduce secured debts that are […]

Celebrities Who Have Filed for Bankruptcy

What do Willie Nelson, MC Hammer, and Toni Braxton all have in common? While they have all been successful recording artists during their careers, the similarities don’t end there: all three of these celebrities have filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can happen to anyone, no matter how much money he or she has made. If you […]

How Medical Bills Became the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy

Consumers who are struggling under a mountain of debt often turn to bankruptcy as the last viable solution to help them get a fresh financial start. While a wide range of factors can contribute to bankruptcy—including student loan debt, poor investments, divorce, job loss, and other unforeseen circumstances—medical debt is the clear leader when it comes to […]

Milwaukee Legal Aid: Creating a Monthly Budget

Making a monthly budget is the first essential task for any consumer after applying for debt reorganization or declaring bankruptcy. After your attorney has helped you eliminate your debts, your first goal should be to get back on track financially. To make a monthly budget that works for your needs and lifestyle, follow these simple guidelines. […]

What You Need to Know About the Fairness for Struggling Students Act of 2013

According to a report by the Huffington Post, student loans are the largest form of consumer debt in the United States, measuring $1 trillion nationally. Regardless of this fact, student loans aren’t eligible for discharge under current code. In January 2013, three senators sought to change student loan eligibility by sponsoring the Fairness for Struggling Students […]